Budha Fountain You'll Love ! 

An indoor water fountain is not only a focal point in your decor, it also promotes good fortune as per vastu & fenshui ! This Oriental inspired Resin Buddha Fountain depicts a Buddha Meditating —trickling water on a bed of rocks sound relaxing & pleasing & Light effects adds up the Magic . Floor water fountain embody a very traditional and earthy spirit.


  • HIGHLY DECORATIVE: This beautiful, crafted Fibre  fountain with its highly decorative design, beautiful dark and gold colours will add a touch of style to the décor of any house. As the night draws in your fountain looks even more spectacular as it lights up with a beautiful natural stone colour creating a soothing, ambient feeling!


  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Easy assembly & Operations comes with submersible pump that contineously circulates the water keeping it cleaner ,free of algae & viberating positive energy in the environment .
  • The indoor fountain is easy to use and can be carried around your home for you to enjoy the benefits both Indoor & Outdoor . Connect the given tube with the electric pump, add water and plug it in! Product comes with Water Circulation pump, 1.5m Lead with 3 pin plug. 
  • Pump can be easily replaced from market in case of damage

Budhon Lotus Fountain

SKU: BSI9803
₹14,999.00 Regular Price
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  • Size - width 65cm / Hieght - 90cm 

    color - white  / Black

    material - Polyresin fibre